Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Oxfam Means Famine And Oxen Slaughter


Animal agriculture is the least efficient and environmental form of 'food' production
while orchards of tri level agrcitulre are the most prolific. Please support international relief
which is vegan... or vegetarian, such as Seventh Day Adventist, Hindu groups etc. Oxfam
is designed to promote Commonwealth country animal concentration camps.

Food crisis in Niger - Oxfam scales up to respond22 June 2005Last year's locust invasion, coupled with rain failure, hasseriously affected food production and pasture growth throughoutmuch of Niger.Niger is already one of the world's poorest countries (the UNDPranks it 176 out of 177), and this year the statistics formalnutrition and destitution are showing an alarming situationunfolding. While total food production is down by one third in thecountry, some areas have much less food than others and prices haverisen to the point where the poorest can no longer afford it.Oxfam's recent assessment in Niger found people eating less thannormal, gathering wild foods (leaves and berries) and digging upanthills to find scraps of millet. Some households have earmarkedtheir entire income for food and reducing expenditure elsewhere,such as taking children out of school and stopping visiting healthcentres. People are selling household goods, and cutting down treesto sell the wood – the rate of deforestation is noticeable.Livestock are particularly badly affected because of foddershortages - cattle, horses and donkeys are least resistant todrought but sheep, goats and camels will also start to die. Animalsare the main asset of pastoralist groups and if they die or have tobe sold then the risk of destitution becomes very real. Competitionfor scarce pasture in some areas is leading to localised conflict.Oxfam is planning a large response programme across West and CentralNiger. The programme will prioritise the poorest 20% of communities –those who cannot afford to buy the food that remains available. Wewill be working with them on cash for work schemes whereby theyidentify projects that need doing in their communities andOxfam `employs' them to work in return for vouchers which they canexchange for food. We will also be running a destocking programme toreduce the number of animals in circulation – paying owners a fairprice for their least healthy livestock, allowing them to buy fodderfor those that remain. We thereby do as much as we can to protectpeople's livelihoods over the worst few months of the dry seasonwithout making them dependent on food aid.

European Union Promoting Animal Slaughter In Ireland

(The EU is supporting the animal agony, disease, environmental devastation and energy waste associated with the meat industry)

Irish beef farmers are to get an additional Euro 17.5 million in funding to help them cover the changes in Beef Special Premium.

The changes are being brought about by the amendments to the Common Agricultural Policy, the EU’s governing document for agriculture and food production. Irish producers had been concerned they would be disadvantaged because of the loss of some payments for their beef cattle.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Human Brained Monkeys

AIDS.. a new strain, was created in a UC Davis lab in 1969
.. It was originally created as humans ingested monkey
brains in Zaire Zambia and elsewhere.

See the books of Leonard Horwitz for the role of Merck in bioterror weapons

The more conscious the animal eaten, the more dangerous

Cannibals get kuru, a brain disease, from eating humans.
Monkey eaters get AIDS
Mammal eaters get heart disease
Bird eaters get food poisoning
Fish eaters get cancer etc

'Human-brained' monkeys
By Nick Buchan of

SCIENTISTS have been warned that their latest experiments may accidently produce monkeys with brains more human than animal.
In cutting-edge experiments, scientists have injected human brain cells into monkey fetuses to study the effects.

Critics argue that if these fetuses are allowed to develop into self-aware subjects, science will be thrown into an ethical nightmare.

An eminent committee of American scientists will call for restrictions into the research, saying the outcome of such studies cannot be predicted and may in fact produce subjects with a 'super-animal' intelligence.

The high-powered committee of animal behaviourists, lawyers, philosophers, bio-ethicists and neuro-scientists was established four years ago to examine the growing numbers of human/monkey experiments.

These procedures, known as 'human-primate chimeras', involve the combination of human and monkey cells, tissue and DNA to observe any effect and examine the possibility that such combination could actually exist.

Chimeras are mythical monsters from Greek literature, which combined various bodyparts from lions, goats nd snakes.

This team will soon publish its conclusions in pharmaceutical dominated journal Science. In the report the committee will address such unsettling questions as whether introducing human cells into non-human primate brains could cause "significant physical or biochemical changes that make the brain more human-like" and how those changes could be detected.

The committee will also examine how detectable differences in the monkey's brains, for example emotional or behavioural changes, or if the monkeys developed 'self awareness', could be measured - and dealt with.

"What we were trying to do was anticipate - recognising that if science were to take that path there might be some different kinds of moral challenges." said committee co-chairman Dr Ruth Faden, a professor in biomedical ethics.


Meat Interferes With The Marriage Bed

Some flesheaters.. have impotence as animal fat blocks
the penile arteries

Other flesheaters.. are enslaved by the area below the waist..
as female hormones in animal flesh (in the US) constantly stimulate
unnaturally sex appetites

Those who try to remedy this with pricegouging, toxic, animal abuse developed
drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis... are putting added pressure on clogged
arteries, generating heart attack, stroke, and blindness.

Michael Klaper, MD.. has lectured on meat as a cause of impotence 7000 vegan MD's

Spiritual teachers say that sexuality is energy
and that those who waste it in momentary pleasure
have less energy for the work of life: love of God
and all beings

Choking On Meat Or Fish.. 6th Cause Of Accidental Death

Fish chokes boy to death

A boy has died after the fish he was holding jumped out of his hands and leapt into his mouth, choking him to death.

According to a story from the New Straits Times, eight-year-old Samiun Ahmad, caught a 7cm x 4cm climbing perch, Anabas testudineus, in a neighbour's concrete pond.

Witnesses said that the boy wanted to show the fish off to his friend and brother, but the fish "slipped out of his hands and leapt into his mouth".

"He was so excited with his catch. He showed them to us and wanted to rear the fish in our neighbour's pond", the boy's Father told the New Straits Times.

"We never thought something like this could happen."

Friends tried to pull the fish out of his mouth but it had lodged itself firmly.

Climbing perch are equipped with very spiky fins and rough scales and often become entangled in nets.

Although this sounds bizarre, it is not the first time this has happened.

Back in 2003, Practical Fishkeeping reported a story about a Cambodian teenager who had caught a similarly spiky Kantrorb, Pristolepis fasciata, which had lodged itself in his throat, choking him to death.

This fish, at some 20cm/8" in length, though, was rather larger than the juvenile Anabas involved in this distressing incident.
More at: New Straits Times (Tue July 12, 2005, 10:04 am)